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I have been helping people with their Mortgage needs for over 30 years. I originally started in the loan industry, because I was getting married and needed to become a provider. My Father, his two brothers and their sister were all Real Estate Brokers and their other brother was a Mortgage Broker, so it was natural that I learn the "family" business.

I quickly realized I had a knack for understanding some of the intricacies of the financial space, that combined with my true desire to help people, have been the major contributing factors to my success in a sometimes volatile industry.

A common maxim in the mortgage industry is that you should not do loans for friends or family. I have built a career around helping my friends, family and neighbors. I am still invited to Thanksgiving, Christmas and family functions, which to me is a true testament to both my sincerity in my desire to help people and my professional abilities as a Mortgage Specialist.

Home Purchase

The Way Home


Pre-qualification starts before the loan process actually begins, and is generally the first step after initial contact with the loan officer.

The lender gathers information about the borrower’s income, debts and other relevant information to help make a determination about how much the borrower qualifies for in order to purchase a home. Different loan programs may allow for different values, so it is important to obtain a pre-qualification for each type of loan program that is suitable.


The application is the beginning of the loan process. The buyer, now referred to as the borrower, completes a mortgage application and supplies all of the required documentation for processing.

Various fees and down payments are discussed and the borrower will receive two documents: a Loan Estimate (LE) and a Closing Disclosure (CD) statement, which itemizes the rates and associated costs for the loan. Both of these documents will be sent to the borrower within three days.


Processing generally occurs between 5 and 20 days into the loan process.

The processor reviews the borrower’s credit reports and verifies his or her debts and payment histories as the VODs and VOEs are returned. Should there be any unacceptable late payments, collections for judgments, etc., a written explanation will be needed from the borrower. The processor also reviews the appraisal, survey and looks for property issues that may require further review.


Underwriting will generally occur between 21 and 30 days into the loan process, or sooner.

The underwriter is responsible for determining whether the combined loan package passed over by the processor meets all the required guidelines. At this time, if more information is needed, the loan is put into “suspense” and the borrower is contacted to supply additional documentation.


Pre-Closing occurs approximately between 25 and 30 days into the loan process, as long as no issues occurred in the previous steps.

During this time the title insurance is ordered, all required approval contingencies are met, and a closing time is scheduled for the loan.


Closing usually occurs between 25 and 45 days into the loan process (depending upon the designated length of your escrow).

At the closing, the lender “funds” the loan with a cashier’s check, draft or wire to the selling party in exchange for the title to the property. This is the point at which the borrower finishes the loan process and actually buys the house.


When Is The Right Time?

Should You Refinance Your Current Loan?

If there has been a change in your finances, mortgage rates, or housing plans then a refinance might be a good choice. Check out our refinance calculator or call a loan officer to see if a refinance is the right move.

Get Your Documents Together

Pull your own credit report and check for errors or ways to improve your score. Start saving income and asset records. Take a look at the suggested documents you'll need.

Fill out the Application

With your documents in order, it's time to start the application process. Or, get in touch with a loan officer to help you through every step of the way.

Apply Now

Get a Loan Estimate

Review fees and closing costs for your loan and decide if the loan terms and monthly payment are a good fit. Give the Truth in Lending disclosure (TIL) a quick read so you know your rights and responsibilities.

Formal Offer

If you are comfortable with the terms, it's time to make it official and formalize the loan agreement.

Home Appraisal

A professional will determine the estimated market value of your property by comparing it to recent sales in the area. The appraised value is a consideration in determining the amount and terms of your new mortgage.

Closing the Loan

Once we have agreed on all the details, we will close and fund the loan. There are some costs involved for the appraisal, origination, and title.

Renovation Loans

Turn a Fixer Upper into Your Dream Home


Are you having trouble finding you dream home?

The purchase renovation home loan is best for the home buyer looking to purchase a property that needs a little work or a few upgrades, commonly referred to as a “fixer-upper.” Whether your dream property needs a new roof, a kitchen upgrade, or a complete renovation overhaul, the renovation loan provides qualified borrowers the financing they need to purchase the property and fund their future home’s improvement costs.


Dreaming of new cabinets and a bigger bathroom?

The refinance renovation home loan is best for the homeowner(s) interested in major renovations or minor improvements on their existing home. Our refinance renovation loan is the perfect solution to turn your “now home” into your “forever home.”

Need a Renovation Loan?

You’ve Come to The Right Place

Chris can help you decide the best possible loan to renovate your new home purchase or existing home remodeling project. Regardless of which path you pursue call Chris today to ensure the best possible experience.

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